Desirae Foston
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Recommended age group : 2 to 5
Desirae Foston
Desirae Foston is a designer and artist based in Brooklyn, NY.
A little boy's family is going on a holiday to Hawaii. But he doesn't want to go without his neighbors on Herkimer Street. How can he bring his block along? Everyone helps out in the wild and funny adventure that follows.
The Hawaiian Hiatus of Herkimer Street is a beautifully designed, tall-tale of community
for the pre-school set.
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  • Trim size: 5-1/2 x 8-1/2"
    18 pages 4-color throughout
  • ePub date: May 23, 2013
  • Paperback print ISBN 978-0-9885359-0-9 $7.50 Paperback (Saddle-stitch )
  • Hardcover print ISBN 978-1-940021-00-3 $24, 7 x 10"
  • eBook: $1.99
  1. 1.
    Do you have friends on your block? Or other people on your block that you and your family know and trust? How many people on your block can you name?
  2. 2.
    What kinds of things do people on your block do together?
  3. 3.
    Would you like to go on vacation with the people on your block? Where would you go?
  4. 4.
    If you did go on vacation with them, how would you get there?
  5. 5.
    If the Ladies of Herkimer Street hadn't sewn sheets and clothes together to make a balloon, what's another way they could have gotten everyone to fly?
  6. 6.
    If the pets of Herkimer Street hadn't pulled them off the mountain, what's another way that they could have gotten off the mountain?
  7. 7.
    How else could they have gotten across the ocean?
  • The artist of The Hawaiian Hiatus of Herkimer Street drew the pictures so that they'd look good even if they were really really small. How small can you draw a whole picture and still be able to tell what's going on?
  • Fun with Maps: Can you find Hawaii on a map? When Herkimer Street is on a mountain, where do you think they are on a map? What about when they first reach the ocean? There are lots of H's in the title of this book. Can you find another place on a map that starts with an H? How many places with H can you find?
Why We Love This Book
We all thought the same thing when we saw this book—look at the art! The drawings are so graphic and memorable and bright, with the people and places in the story all built from familiar shapes. And the pictures are a perfect fit for eBooks—Desirae Foston designed each page with a smartphone and tablet in mind: check it out.
And then there’s the story itself. A tall-tale adventure (we like tall tales) in which everyone in a tight-knit community helps out, it is filled with ideas and things familiar to small kids—A mountain! A plane! An ocean! A dog!—building on the vibe created by the artwork. Together, art and story made us think about how tall tales and community are a bit alike—both use creativity to turn the familiar into the fantastic. And we can build both ourselves.
In fact, the principal people involved in Bliss Group Books—Amel Larrieux, Laru Larrieux and Alan Bradshaw—met because of a community playground. Or, rather, our kids met in a Brooklyn sandbox and our friendship spilled over from there. So this story kind of helped remind us of our own good fortune. Thanks Herkimer Street!
—Amel Larrieux
—Laru Larrieux
—Alan Bradshaw
—Bliss Group Books
Reader Comments
"This book is very cute. Love the artwork !! Love the way the neighborhood comes together, Great lessons for the little ones."
—MissDay718, Atlanta, Georgia