Sesame Street is 45 years old!

Sesame_ Street_articleSesame Street is 45 years old, pushing toward 50 in 2019–let’s start celebrating it early.

The Economist recently wrote about a study that showed that kids who regularly watch Sesame Street are better prepared for school and 14% less likely to fall behind in class.

How many lives has Sesame Street improved?

So what kind of impact is 14%?
Sesame Street’s yearly viewership now tops 100 million worldwide (it appears in over 100 countries). Estimating conservatively, let’s say that it has had 1 billion regular viewers since it first went on the air; at 14% positive influence, that means that it’s helped at least 140 million kids!

Succeed with fun

And Sesame Street does it with fun and humor. It takes it for granted that kids want to learn, like to learn, find knowing stuff fun. We love that. And at Bliss Group Books, we believe that, too. Kids have a light on. Let it shine.
So Hooray for Sesame Street!

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Let’s keep talking about it. What are your favorite memories of Sesame Street?

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