crowd-1149873_1280“We’re crazy enough to believe in all kids. We deeply believe that. Our schools have always been about all kids, every single one of them.” Diane Tavenner, CEO and co-founder, Summit Public Schools

The quote above is from a recent article on the Hechinger Report about a Bay Area-based school network that by 2010 had achieved a spectacular turnaround and was being celebrated far and wide. Most of their high school graduates went to college. But when they found out that 45% of their graduates had not gone on to graduate from college 4-6 years later, Tavenner and co. went back to the drawing board.

Because they were about All: All of their students getting to and graduating from college.

That word has power: All.

Success for All kids. A great education for All kids.

What if we acted like we really wanted equality for All? And a better way of life for All? And safety for All? And life liberty and happiness for All?

Not all who start off with a pretty good shot at it and a few who through incredible luck or perseverance or both create a better life but All.

Not just those born in this country but All.

Not just All who look pretty or act “right” or shout loudest or have parents that know how to work the angles but All.

No strings no small type no caveats no excuses just All.

Thank you Ms Tavenner.

(Alan Bradshaw, Bliss Group Books)


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