A Museum of Science Fiction!

Aliens on Holiday“We believe that science fiction presents an ideal device for sparking interest and spurring proficiency in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). But we’d like to go beyond STEM and broaden our focus to include the arts. We call it STEAM. … Combined with inspiration and imagination, and creativity fueled by science fiction, our prospects look bright.” –Greg Viggiano, Executive Director, Museum of Science Fiction

A Museum of Science Fiction (MOSF) is planning to open in D.C. We wish they were opening in Brooklyn (“Brooklyn is the planet”—Mos Def) but making a Museum of Science Fiction anywhere is fantastic.

Any effort that inspires awe, that inspires kids (and grown-ups) to think about other possibilities and other ways of being is fantastic. In the twenty-first century, we need the ability to re-imagine; we need the inspiration to see that yes, there are better ways of organizing society and culture and values, and, from dystopic sci-fi, the inspiration to ask the question, Are we sure we want to go down the road we’re going? We also need the acceptance of others that science fiction shows us–characters in science fiction connect with beings from millions of light years away and we can’t talk to the guy on the other side of town or help the refugee from a thousand miles away?

So we’re really looking forward to the MOSF, and seeing how it spreads its message. It doesn’t open until 2018, but check out it’s preview museum here. The MOSF plans to have permanent exhibits on Creators, Other Worlds, Vehicles, Time Travel; Aliens, Creatures, and Artificial Life; Computers and Robots; Technology. Sounds great. (by Alan Bradshaw, BGB)

Share and connect—Building a Bliss community

Are you excited for the Museum of Science Fiction? What science fiction works made you or your kids or students think of new possibilities? We hope Bliss Group’s Alien in the Garden and Aliens on Holiday can spark ideas—and we hope to do more science fiction.

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