Let’s keep talking about Diversity


Diversity Is Life and the Future.

We’re sure there are people out there who think Diversity is not important, but we couldn’t disagree more. We think Diversity is Life and the Future.

Children’s Book Council: Diversity for Kids

The Children’s Book Council (CBC)–which seems to be staffed exclusively by friendly, helpful nice people (and do we ever get enough Nice?)–is doing a lot to encourage diversity in children’s book publishing, including promoting the publication of books with diverse content by diverse authors and illustrators, making it easier for people to find those books, and contributing to programs that foster diversity in book publishing (like a program that sponsors internships).

Diversity & Brooklyn

One of CBC’s guest bloggers, Tim Federle, put it really well: “Diversity wasn’t a political act.Diversity was just midtown Manhattan at rush hour.” Or, we might add, Coney Island Avenue or Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn all the time. We don’t think Diversity is simply a political act–but it can be political. We don’t think Diversity is only about money–but it can be. We don’t think Diversity is simply about inclusion and fairness–although it certainly is that. We think Diversity is Life, and, inspired by CBC and others, we intend to write about it–in many aspects– in the weeks and months to come. Please check back with us, and keep the conversation going.
Diversity is Life and the Future.

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So … in this broader sense of Diversity–biological, cultural, philosophical, economic–where do you see it working? Where do you see that we need it? Where do you see it in your life?

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2 Comments on "Let’s keep talking about Diversity"

Lana Jean Mitchell
May 9, 2017

I think diversity should be obvious, for all of the reasons that you mentioned in the last line above. Maybe what needs to happen is that people need to be made aware of the fact that life is diverse/varied/different. That life is lived in this way. Diversity is also change. The change in the weather, the change in time, the change in what we do when change occurs. When change does not occur to meet change we wonder why, and that is what writing diversity books is about. Helping to make people aware of diversity in life and the need to accept it as a natural occurence.

November 27, 2017

Thanks, Lana Jean. Such a thoughtful response. And hopefully not just “accept it” as natural, but embrace it. Best wishes– Bliss Group