History as Diversity

DTP“The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.” –L.P. Hartley

One of the things we love about science fiction is that it so often imagines other worlds, other possibilities; it opens a space for imagination and idealism.

History can go one better: it can show alternatives that really happened; it can prove that things have changed, can change again.

And that is why history is such an important part of any Diversity effort: things don’t have to be the way they are; they have changed from how they were.

If we want all children to see possibilities in their lives; if we want all children to be able to imagine themselves as anything (and we most certainly do), then we should embrace history–from everywhere and from multiple perspectives.

To do this, we need more engaging historical fiction for kids–for all kids. Below are some of our favorites– and of course, from Bliss Group– The Dragon, the Thief and the Princess (OK, the dragon isn’t historical–but ancient Nubia and Egypt are) and Nostromo the Dwarf (colonial fiction)

(by Alan Bradshaw, BGB)

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What are some of your favorite historical fiction titles for kids?

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