Is Lazy Hero Cat Buddhist?

BubZen I am not a Buddhist. I am a crow of many talons. But there are those who say that Bubastis the Lazy Hero Cat is Buddhist, Tao and/or Zen.

Bub is too lazy to give me his thoughts, of course. But for those who believe he is Buddhist, they point to the Buddha’s 8-fold path.

  • 1. Right Understanding  See the world as it is, flaws and all. I say we don’t know Bub’s mind, so can’t know his understanding. But those who believe he is Buddhist say his (non)actions convince them that he has right understanding.
  • 2. Right Aspiration This is about being committed to ending suffering and to living in a way that will make that possible. Certainly, Bub never seems to want to hurt anyone; hurting others would take energy.
  • 3. Right Effort Bub–effort? I don’t think so. But the true “Bub is Buddhist” believers say that “right effort” is about avoiding wrong or harmful thoughts, words, and actions. As we see in the stories, Bub will not hurt the beetles that crawl upon him, the sand flies that bite him, the thieves that threaten him, the rats and mice that the pirates ask him to catch, the pirates that abuse him, the dragon that breathes fire at him. He naps through it all. Certainly, he appears to wish no harm to anyone; he wishes only to nap, perchance to dream of napping.
  • 4. Right Speech This says that speech should be true, timely, beneficial, or not at all. Bub prefers the latter.
  • 5. Right Conduct This is about living a life that reflects and is consistent with the values of not harming anyone or anything. Bub is definitely consistent. Consistently lazy, I’d say.
  • 6. Right Livelihood This is about finding a way to earn a living so that no one is harmed. I don’t think it can fairly be said that Bub “earns” anything, but he does seem to keep getting rewarded for doing nothing, and the rewards provide his livelihood, and doing nothing hurts no one, so…
  • 7. Right Mindfulness This is about being “in the moment.” Bub is too lazy to be anywhere else.
  • 8. Right Concentration This is about meditation and fostering the right frame of mind. Is it possible that Bub’s not napping all the time, but sometimes meditating? If so, the “Bub is a Buddhist” people say, Bubastis is on the 8-fold path to enlightenment.

These “Bub is Buddhist” believers also claim that Bubastis has a Zen nature. For example, he dreams of dreaming about napping. This, they say, is like a Zen koan. Other Zen koans (from the Buddaful Tao) are

It is not the flag that moves. It is not the wind that moves. It is your mind that moves.

When you can do nothing, what can you do?

Like so many things, it is interesting to consider. And interesting to learn about.

So, is Bubastis the lazy hero Cat Buddhist? I don’t know. Ask he who will not answer.

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What do you think? Is Bubastis Buddhist?

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