Animals are superheroes!

Animals_superheroes_articleAll animals are superheroes. Especially me, a crow who writes. We animals do super things. We have super skills. Too many hairless monkeys forget that. I am here to help.

My first hero is a bird, because flying is spectacular (its almost like imagining, don’t you think?) and its something that hairless monkeys can’t do without getting in a noisy machine thing-y.


Animal Hero of World War I

This hero’s story happened during a war, which is something the rest of us animals rarely have, except for ants (don’t get me started on ants!) and some other kinds of silly apes, but having it happen in a war doesn’t make it less heroic.
During World War I the American and French allies had a great plan to beat their enemies. They were going to split their team into three groups, sneak though the Argonne forest, and surround them. One group went left through the woods; one went right; and one went straight up the middle.
Great plan, right?
Wrong. The enemies heard the team on the left, and stopped them.
The team on the right got stuck in the woods.
But the team in the middle kept going. They didn’t have phones back then, or bird calls or bat sense, so they didn’t know what was happening and they got cut off from their friends.
And when they came out of the woods, they didn’t surround their enemy — their enemy surrounded them!
The allies sent runners back through the forest to try to get help, but the runners weren’t as fast as emus or cheetahs, and, like I said, no bird calls or bat sense, and they got lost and captured.
The allies made a stand against their enemy on the fringe of the woods, but they were running out of food and water and they were losing the battle. So what did they do?
They did something smart. They talked to a pigeon.

Pigeon Saves Allies!

Cher Ami, a brave pigeon, had been delivering messages for the army. Now he was asked to deliver a message back to the allies’ friends to save the soldiers’ lives.
With gunfire and bombs blasting off all around him, Cher Ami flew straight through and over the forest. He was hit in the chest—still he kept going! One of his legs got blown off—still he kept going! Cher Ami delivered the message and the soldiers were saved!
The army doctors gave Cher Ami a wooden leg and an award and called him a war hero. Which sounds about right.

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